Why can we trust and follow the Bible? – Seminar Notes

‘Why can we trust and follow the Bible?’

A seminar I’ve given a few times is on the trustworthiness, truth, and authority of the Christian Bible. When I’m delivering the seminar I bring up a set of notes that I refer to and use to formulate my thoughts. They don’t contain illustrations or expanded explanations of points, but they may be helpful for people to take a look at. I may record the audio of the next time I give this seminar and upload it here.

Please note that what I am aiming to do with this presentation is to explain facts and realities about the Bible. What I have omitted is an explanation of how it is that we (as humans) come to understand, accept, and affirm these facts and realities. Using technical terms, I am attempting to explain the ontological infallibility and authority of the Christian Scriptures while sidestepping the question of epistemology.

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James Chen

James is a Philosophy graduate from the University of Sydney and is currently a teaching and learning manager of a senior high school tutoring centre. James is a member of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Carlingford and loves reading and teaching the Bible.