The Gospel of Jesus Christ – Article Series

Christianity is centered on, understood through, and a response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It can be said that the entire Old Testament foreshadows the coming of Jesus and the whole New Testament is an attempt to understand and live in light of the coming of Jesus. The lens through which we are to understand the entirety of God’s plans and purposes for humanity and the cosmos is the Gospel. But what is this ‘Gospel’? What does it mean? And how are we to respond? This article series will attempt to sketch out, in broad yet precise terms, answers to these questions and serve as an introduction to Christian reflection and evangelism.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ – Article Series
1. What is the Gospel?
2. What does the Gospel mean? (Part 1)
3. What does the Gospel mean? (Part 2)
4. How should we respond to the Gospel?
5. Non-Gospels and False Gospels

Grace and peace,


James Chen

James is a Philosophy graduate from the University of Sydney and is currently a teaching and learning manager of a senior high school tutoring centre. James is a member of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Carlingford and loves reading and teaching the Bible.