The Pilgrim’s Journey – a poem


The Pilgrim’s Journey – a poem 

Whatever did a wretch like this
To merit such a joyful bliss?

Truly, nothing, my hand brings,
Simply to the Cross it clings.

My confidence rests in the Lord,
The God-man who has saved the world.

He lived, and died, and conquered death,
And purchased me – my every breath.

Oh, may our grace-filled hearts so long
To praise His name in truth and song.

Creation waits to be set free;
Decay won’t reach eternity.

‘Sin and Death’ – you’ve lost, it’s done.
You’ve been defeated by the Son.

He’s coming. Yes, the Day is soon.
The Church awaits the sweet Bridegroom.

And when we’re gathered with Him, home,
We’ll cry: Glory is to God alone.

James Chen

James is a Philosophy graduate from the University of Sydney and is currently a teaching and learning manager of a senior high school tutoring centre. James is a member of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Carlingford and loves reading and teaching the Bible.